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Term 2 starts Tuesday 28 April 2015

About Rise Dance Co:

These are not your formally structured ballet classes!

Rise Dance Co is a Tauranga based dance school teaching over 600 students weekly.  Our belief is that everyone should dance regardless of age, ability or gender and that dancing should, first and foremost, be fun. 
We have classes for 2 year olds right through to adults with special classes for preschoolers, teens, boys & adults. 
We teach Hip Hop, Acro Dance, Jazz, Ballet & Contemporary  and have venues in Tauranga, Mount Maunganui & Papamoa as well as teaching in 16 schools.

Exams?? No way!!!

Children have enough going on at school and are pressured at an increasingly young age to excel and compete.  Rise Dance Co offers a positive, respectful environment where students can come and experience dance simply for the fun and enjoyment of it.  For those who need more of a challenge or are considering dance as a career we encourage them to audition for our competition and performance groups.
We also offer intensive workshops throughout the year and choreographic competitions for those interested.

Uniforms?? No thanks!!!

When you dance you need to feel completely comfortable, wear what you want, we don't think leotards are going to make you a better dancer! 
(Correct footwear for ballet, jazz and tap are however necessary).

Public or School classes – what’s the difference?

School classes are immediately before or after school or at lunchtime.  Public classes are after school or during the weekend. 
School classes are less technical in nature so are better suited to those with no or little dance experience.  Public classes are more technical and our expectation of students is higher therefore  better suited to students with some experience or who have a strong interest in dance.
School classes are less expensive but are slightly shorter than public classes.  We take fewer students in our public classes than our school classes.

Public classes (excluding Acro, Ballet and Street dance and Break Dancing) will learn 2x dances throughout year.  This will mean they will be in 2 separate dances per show at the end of year shows.  They will be in 3x shows in November.
School classes learn 3x mini dances throughout the year which are combined into 1x dance for the end of year shows.  They will be in 1 dance in 1 show.  This year we are having a schools showcase that’s separate to the Public shows.  This will mean much less commitment for our school dance groups.
Please note that if you have not come to class for the full year (eg you joined in terms 2 or 3 or swapped classes during the year) you may not be able to perform in the entire dance/s your group is performing in.  

Some school groups will have another opportunity to perform to their peers when we do our schools' tour in ovember and December (as will some of the Public groups).
Quite often students who start in school classes progress on to our Public classes or do them both!

Prices per 8 week term (2015):

‘School’ classes:  $75
‘Public’ classes:
Classes of 40 or 45 minutes duration - $90 for 8 weeeks
Classes of one hour duration - $110 for 8 weeks
Classes of one & a quarter hours duration- $130 for 8 weeks
Classes of one & a half hours duration- $150 for 8 weeks
Classes of one & three quarter hours duration - $170 for 8 weeks

Sign me up!!!

Term One 2015 starts on 9 February. See class times and venues from the dropdown 'TIMETABLES' at the top of this page.
To enrol select 'DANCE CLAS INFO & ENROL' from the top menu and follow the links. 
If you require any further information please contact us.

What else?

Rise Dance Co are the leading providers of  Zumba Fitness in the Western Bay of Plenty.  With 14 Zumba fitness classes a week at 10 different locations there really is no excuse to get fit in an encouraging, friendly environment.  Zumba Tauranga (as we are known) provide morning, evening & weekend classes as well as toning.

For further details select 'Zumba Classes' under the Timetables tab at the top of this page.


Shop online for awesome dance products!  We pride ourselves on stocking dance wear with a difference – why blend in when you can stand out?
We have our own cost effective shoe range as well as stocking Paul Wright branded footwear and RAD and BBO syllabus leotards and clothing.
Click on the 'SHOP' tab at the top of this page to shop til your heart’s content!
Alternatively come and visit our pretty little store in the quaint, peaceful surrounds of The Historic Village on 17th Avenue, Tauranga.
Our hours are:  Tuesday to Friday 10am-5pm and Saturday 10am-2pm.

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What we do:

Rise Dance Co teach dance in:

  • At our dance studio at the Historic Village, 17th Ave, Tauranga
  • At our dance studio upstairs 416 Maunganui Road, Mount Maunganui (next to McDonalds)
  • At venues out of school hours in Tauranga, the Mount & Papamoa
  • Primary, Intermediate & Secondary Schools
  • Childcare Centres
  • At our OSCAR and WINZ approved holiday programme

Our Dance styles include:

  • Jazz
  • Ballet
  • Adults
  • Hip Hop
  • Boys Only
  • Acro Dance
  • Teens Only
  • Contemporary
  • Lil Hoppers (5 year olds)
  • Little Luvlies (2-4 year olds)