Rotorua show questions & answers


Q:  When and where is your end of year show 2017?

A:  This year's Rotorua show is at John Paul College on Saturday 1 December at 6 pm.  Doors will open approximately at 5.30pm.  

Q: What is the order of the show and what time does my child need to arrive? 

A: For the order of the show 

For arrival times for the day of the show we have (staggered arrival times) 

Q Does my child have to perform?

A:  No it is optional but as we do not spend time preparing for exams, the end of year shows are what we encourage the students to work hard for.  It is the pinnacle of our year and an exciting, memorable experience for all involved.  

Q:  Tell me about costuming

A: In term 3 we collect the costume fees for the shows as we are already purchasing costumes and will be fitting sizes etc during term 3. For those taking Hoppers (5-year-olds) and Hip Hop classes please add $45 per costume to your term 3 fees.  For those in Contemporary and Jazz, costumes are $55. As well as the cost of the costume these charges include a sourcing fee and a contribution towards make-up, hairspray, clips etc.  The costume is yours to keep after the shows. This does not include any accessories we add.  Some classes may have an additional cost for shoes eg Jazz students will require black jazz shoes.  Please note that if you have not told us your child is not performing and we have purchased a costume for them you will be required to purchase and keep the costume.  Please note that adult dancers do not pay a costume fee to us.  Adult dancers purchase their own costumes in collaboration with their teacher and fellow dancers.

Click here to see what shoes you need for your class 
Click here for shoe photos to check before buying: 

Q:  Where do I get the tickets and how much are they?

A:  Tickets are $15 adults, $10 child (under 16). Tickets will be available at the Sunday rehearsal at John Paul College on Saturday 18 November.  There will also be door sales on show day, 2 December at John Paul College.

Q:  When are rehearsals?

A:  SATURDAY 17  NOVEMBER - Rehearsal John Paul College
     SATURDAY 1  DECEMBER- morning rehearsal John Paul College ALL DANCERS REQUIRED FROM 10.30 AM - 12.30PM  

Q:  Do parents have to be involved in the show?

A:  Only in the commitment to your child to get them to the rehearsals.  However, we are always looking for volunteers to help backstage, with costuming etc, so email if you've always fancied being in show business!

Q:  If my child doesn't enrol until term 3, can they still be in the show?

A: Yes (up until we close the rolls off on Friday 25 August 2017) but the degree of their participation depends on the teacher’s observations, the choreography and your child's ability to get up to speed.  During the previous terms, the other children will have been learning dance/s to perform.  The teacher will decide whether perhaps your child will come in from the wings halfway through a dance if they have not managed to learn the first half of the dance, or if they have picked up the whole routine.  We recommend you video the children's dance during our Open Week (4-7 September) during term 3 so that your child can practise at home.     

Q:  Is it allocated seating at the show?

A:  No it is General Admission.

Q:  If my child does not want to perform, can they still go to dance lessons in term 4?

A:  Yes, if they have already been enrolled during the year.  We offer 2 payment options in term 4 for our current customers.  One for those performing and one for those not.  For those performing, term 4 will be made up of 6 weekly lessons as per usual day and time at the studio, 1 Sunday rehearsal at John Paul College on 18 November and a morning rehearsal at John Paul College on Saturday 2 December.

Q:  My child is keen to be in the show but couldn't attend classes in term 3 because of a clash with sports.  Can they join up in term 4 and perform?

 A:  Unfortunately not.  We will be closing our rolls to newcomers on Friday 25 August 2017 because of the emphasis on the shows.  The children are already well on the way to learning their routines and it is not fair to them or the newcomer to have to wait while someone new catches up.  

Q:  Are you recording this show and are we able to get copies?

A:   No not this year.  We will be allowing the audience to use a small handheld device for recording purposes – as long as it doesn’t distract other audience members by displaying light etc. No photographing is permitted.  We have professional photographers taking photos and you can order directly from their website after the shows.



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