Feedback from Baycourt Theatre Performances November 2015

Wow very cool show Rise. 
Riley has thoroughly loved yet another year of hip hop.  Thank you so much for having the type of dance company that kids can dance without the pressures of exams and grading, a place they can go do what they love. 
Thank you to everyone over 2015, the helpers at show time, Helen, thank you Rachael.  Riley loves being part of your dance company you all make this possible.  

Wow! Awesome show you guys! Well done, epic organisation, the kids loved it, the audience loved it , you all did a wonderful job, thank you.
Love from the Lyttle Family 

Feedback from Baycourt Theatre Performances November 2014

"Kia ora all 
During the weekend at Baycourt, I am always in awe when I get to witness every year the calibre of dance prodigies wowing our stage yet again to a higher level of dance with so much confidence.
Firstly, I just want to express my sincere congratulations to the Rise Dance team, along with all the wonderful directors, organisers and managers, the behind the scene helpers, the tireless supporters, the ever patient dance teachers and tutors, the faithful mums and dads for giving up their time to enlighten us once again our local kids to grace the world in their diverse talents in dance.
Secondly, I was overwhelmed by the creative outfits each group of dancers wore, each different, costuming their specific genre of dance. What a wonderful, talented community of designers fashioning our model dancers. Not too mention the hair stylists and makeup artists who graced each dancer with style and beauty. Amazing.
Thirdly, because of the sincere joy dance creates, many of the dancers were performing in 3 or more dance groups varying their styles of dancing. Some for the first time. A true testament of what our darling dancers desiring to be. 
To all the tutors and teachers of Rise Dance. Words cannot not express what you do for our kids. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your time, efforts, support, sacrifices, patience embraced with your integrity, honesty and aroha. A friend said to me that passion can never be measured, only seen in the glow of what you love doing. May it be last forever.
Kia kaha, Kia toa, Kia manawanui.
Matu Pene 2014

 hi all,
having never been involved in a dance show before I want to offer my congratulations to you all for the amazing job you made of organising so many groups/individuals and personalities.  I am amazed at what you achieved and the logistics to ensure everyone was where they should be/wearing what they should be/doing what they should be- and having such a fun time.




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