Q:  How much do dance classes cost?

A: Prices per 9 week term:

‘School’ classes:  $85
‘Public’ classes:
Lil Groovers classes - $100 for 9 weeks
All other classes of 40 or 45 minutes duration - $105 for 9 weeks
Classes of one hour duration - $130 for 9 weeks
Classes of one & a quarter hours duration- $160 for 9 weeks
Classes of one & a half hours duration- $185 for 9 weeks

Q:  When does the term start?

A:  Our classes usually start in the 1st week of a school term but some exceptions may occur if the school term is longer or shorter than usual. 
In term four we usually start in the FIRST week of the school term to get in as many practices as possible before the end of year shows.
Keep an eye on the emailed newsletters we send out keeping you up to date with any important information such as this.

Q:  I can’t get my child to go.  Can I get a refund?

A:  Rise Dance Co will refund in full all payments made by the student if the selected class is cancelled by Rise Dance Co. Once the term has started, a refund is at the discretion of the director of Rise Dance Co and will be for the remaining classes less a 20% administration fee.

Q: Can I pay casually/week by week?

A:  No.  We work in 9 week terms.  There is no consistency in learning with casual classes and the learning is progressive.

Q:  When do I have to pay by?

A:  Prepayment for classes is required.  This means the full term fee needs to be paid before the first class of the term. Failure to pay by week 4 of any terms results in the addition of a 10% late fee.

Q: Why do the public classes cost more than the school classes?

A:   School classes are less technical in nature so are better suited to those with no or little dance experience.  Public classes are more technical and our expectation of students is higher therefore  better suited to students with some experience or who have a strong interest in dance.
School classes are slightly shorter than public classes.  We take fewer students in our public classes than our school classes.

Q:  Can I stay and watch?

A:  Preschool age classes (Little Goovers) are the only classes parents/guardians may stay to observe. The only exception to the policy above is in special circumstances and only as previously discussed and mutually agreed with the dance teacher. Week 6 of each term is open week where parents are invited to observe any class.

 Q:  Who are the dance teachers?

A:  When you click on a class under "Timetables" it will display the teacher's name. For a profile of the teacher, see Teacher Profiles

Q:  Does my child have to perform at the end of year shows?

A:  No it is optional but as we do not spend time preparing for exams the end of year shows are the things we encourage the students to work hard for.  It is the pinnacle of our year and an exciting, memorable experience for all involved.

Q: How long do the classes go for?

A:  Class times vary from 40 minutes to 90 minutes, mostly governed by age.  Times for each class are shown in the description of each class on our website.

Q:  Why isn’t dance offered for my year zero and year 1 student at their Primary School?

A:  Generally year zeros struggle with the years 2-3 classes we offer at schools.  We offer public classes specifically for 5 year olds called ‘little hoppers’ that take into consideration all the changes a 5 year old is going through transitioning into school etc.

Q: Why aren’t you at my child’s school?

A:  In some Primary’s there isn’t the school facilities or student numbers  to accommodate the minimum for our programme.  Basically the school is too small.

Q:  Are there any boys in the class?

A:  Each class is different.  Please call us to ask about a specific class or consider the ‘boys only’ class.  Our advice is to try your son in a class and see that he enjoys it without enquiring as to whether there are any other males in the class.

Q:  Why do some school-based classes start so early in the morning?

A:  It depends on the school start time as to how early we have to start in the morning.  

Q:  Does my child need to be enrolled in dance classes to attend the holiday programme?

A:  No.  It is a separate enrolment under the "TIMETABLE/ENROL" tab on our home page.


















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